Our Junior Curators on the Autumn Collection

“The exhibition was interesting, educational but top of my list…fun”

Summer (age 10)

Summer and Wynter get to grips with the Toddler or Turner Challenge, it can be tricky as Summer right fully observed ‘ Children are messy but so are top artists’

At Made in Arts London we are all about emerging talent and brand new young artists and designers. In this case, really quite young indeed. Our newly appointed Junior curators Summer (age 10) and her sister Wynter (age 7) joined us (Francesca ‘The Blue one’ Peschier and Claire ‘Irish one’ Flannery) to get up close to the Autumn collection at our exhibition Process in Exile. The exhibition may now be over but the collection is all online and available to buy, and if you missed the show or are not sure where to start, perhaps Summer and Wynter can help with some of their highlights:

We found the metacarpal on oursleves and most of Haylea Rush's animal cloaks but we struggled with the footless fish“This art exhibition is definitely down on our ‘to do list’ not only is the art really art but you can touch and feel it and being 10 and 7 years old that’s all we really expect when we are dragged along to so called ‘art’ exhibitions.

Just across from Primark and above a Chinese fast food shop you wouldn’t expect to find two young girls one with blue hair the other one Irish who know so much, or maybe you would.

The blue one began by telling us about an artist called Alexandra Wheeler and her autistic brother called Oliver. Do you know what someone who has autism means? We did because of Loki who is in Wynter’s class at school. We told the blue one the story about when another boy, Hussein, kept on getting up and running away repeatedly, and Loki (who is autistic like Oliver) thinking it was very funny. That’s the point you see. To Loki it is very funny as he sees things that you may not see. It was very clever.

We found the metacarpal on ourselves and most of Haylea Rush’s animal cloaks but we struggled with the footless fish.

The Serendpt Collection, Borderline by Marlène Huissoud

The ‘Tiger Skin’ scarf; Borderline by Marlene Huissoud, £85

Marlene Huissoud designs these wonderful scarfs, some with   her eyes closed. It’s amazing. She just puts ink on her      picture and it turns lovely. We decided that they remind us if  fish scales like a mermaids tail and the other one a tiger skin,  they were only £85 so I could have brought one and had change from my £100.

We loved an artist called Hyunjeong Lim. We found the ladybirds really easily. Can you?

Landscape with Ladybugs by Hyunjeong Lim, £1500

Landscape with Ladybugs by Hyunjeong Lim, £1500

Wynter said that the ladybirds are racing the men to reach the top of the magic mountain. The men want to get the power of the ladybirds which will allow them to turn into lots of different animals. It would be great to have this painting in your house as you could make up loads of stories about it and never get bored. 

Silje Lovise Gjertsen is from from Norway, She photographs her parents skin really close up and then looks where he lives to find similarities in the stones? That’s just weird. How can skin look like a mountain? We looked at our skin next to the Norwegian driftwood but couldn’t see it. We think it works better when you get older and get some wrinkles. 

The small room was strange but I think our favourite it made us feel lots of things. I love the Beth Lewis William’s delicate and beautiful porcelain lights, just like my Victorian doll Cherry.

We looked at a picture by Rene Ramirez about masks from the British Museum called ‘They were Sorry’ . The picture had lots of masks in it and they said things like  ‘I’m sorry for eating people, I’m sorry for being a hippycippyrite (hypocrite).  We did not know what cannibals are but we do now and are worried we might be going to dream about them. The blue one had to check the toilets for us to make sure none were hiding in there. 

Mel Cole had drawn some squiggly lines which really like the hair we find in our plug hole, its usually our mums hair that she clears up not the bath fairies.

In this room there was a books called Introspection by Song Hui, that when you folded it out was taller that anyone we know. Another nice book was the Meek Lion by Tan Tan and was the lions in Trafalgar Square. I recognised them. It’s true people get close and personal to them but in real life lions would eat you.

We really enjoyed creating our own piece of art inspired by Esther Ellard, Wynter said it was ‘It was arty, enjoyable and clever.’ 


Our favourite was copying Esther. We made our own art using tape, in lots of colours then we added our names and smiley faces. We could have done this all day, especially Wynter, she never stops!



Can you tell which ones were made by toddlers and which ones are by famous artists? Its very difficult as Wynter is finding out

Finally we did an activity where you have to guess which art was done by a child and which ones were done by top artist, Summer got the top score then my sister my mum got 11 only. It was hard to tell the difference because the children’s pictures were messy but so were the top artists. I had to think hard….