MiAL Artist: Sharon McElroy Showcase at London Art Fair 2014

The Man I am Today by Sharom McElroy, 2013, Still from the film, 8min 57secs

Made in Arts London is proud to announce that ‘The Man I am Today’ by Sharon McElroy, 2013 Graduate of Wimbledon College of Art will be screened at London Art Fair 2014 this week as part of the Fair’s Thursday Late Programme.

Sharon McElroy exhibited in Made in Arts London’s exhibition ‘Process in Exile’ in October 2013 and caught the eye of London Art Fair film curator Pryle Behrman.

‘The Man I Am Today’ was filmed at various locations in the South East of England, some of which have military connections. In the accompanying audio we hear five men discuss the military uniforms they wear during Victorian living history and re-enactment events, their role models and views on masculinity.

The men’s own experiences and the responses of their audiences to repeated ‘gendered performances’ and a reinforcing of certain so called ‘masculine’ traditions and behaviours provides the viewer with an implicit insight into contrasting historical and contemporary attitudes towards gender and sexuality.

As images of deserted pastoral landscapes and garrisons become juxtaposed with the men’s poignant, personal recollections and their mourning of lost values, performances past and present are evoked, whilst simultaneously leaving space for the viewer to elaborate through their own personal experience.

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