Interview with MiAL Artist Dionne Cole

We certainly have our proud hats on over here at Made in Arts London at the moment as not one, not two but four (three current and one forthcoming) MiAL artists have been selected for the Creative Enterprise Awards 2014. We have previously shared interviews with you from nominees Robbie Porter and Beatriz Sanches, and we look forward to bringing you the exciting work of Troels Flensted in the new year, so this week we talked to Camberwell BA 3D structures (2012) graduate Dionne Cole,  a versatile and exciting designer who has recently made a move into window design and prop making with her independent company 

Window Display by Dionne Cole

Window Display by Dionne Cole

Hi Dionne! Congratulations on your nomination, can you tell us a bit more about why you applied?

I applied for the freelance creative enterprise award as I have been freelancing in set design and interior styling for nearly 2 years now. I have worked for some major design companies such as set designer Rhea Thierstein and set/sculptural designer named Zoe Bradley. Working with clients such as Disney/Chopard Jewellery, Hermes and Graff Diamonds has enabled me to gain insight into working for high-end brands.These designers have fuelled my passion for design and I feel like freelancing is one of the best choices I’ve made as I have learnt so much from all of these companies.

Why did you chose ‘Forwardfold’ for your application?

Forwardfold is a design company I started up in 2012. I am a Camberwell College of Arts graduate (studying 3D design) who works mainly with paper to create beautiful pieces for windows, advertisement campaigns and editorial shoots, which is what also led me to do freelance work in interior styling for different companies such as Elle Deco magazine and Living etc.

What other enterprising projects have you been part of? 

One of my products from university is currently being sold by Made in Arts London, and I am also part of Shades of Noir, which is also part of UAL to acknowledge ethnic people that do well in art & design. With me, I just want people to see me for my work and how much I enjoy it, so I’m glad to have got that recognition over the years.

Was the professional development part of your reason for your attending UAL in the first place? 

I have always been passionate about making, so UAL was the right avenue to learn new skills in a professional environment. They also taught me a new way of thinking, something that has also been a real benefactor in my design work. My work has become better with each project I have done as I am used to working in a commercial environment now. I have been getting really good freelance projects which have come about from showing my previous projects I have worked on.

Can you tell us about the product you have available on MiAL, Paper Structures

I’m really into paper craft, something that has been a passion of mine for years, but I still love using all types of materials as it depends on the project. Paper is so versatile if you know how to work with it in the right way. Bend, fold, rip, cut, so many options!

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