Capsule; MiAL’s Biggest Exhibition to Date

Last year’s MiAL independent may have borne the moniker ‘Bigger Bright Bolder’ but as the MiAL team finally start to collate the numbers and wind down a little it is clear that Capsule is by far the biggest and perhaps boldest exhibition MiAL has ever put on. Over 300 people attended the private view alone.

Curated by MiAL coordinator Rosa Harvest, Capsule bought together 67 MiAL artists from across UAL colleges. Having such an amazing location in the form of the Embassy Tea Gallery allowed Rosa to select a wide range of work including pieces that are often harder to find the right exhibiting opportunities for such as video work and performance.


An action shot of Rosa’s curation

One such piece was Bart Hajduk’s video piece ‘Transgalactic Intersexual Experience’ which saw him develop his previously 2D opulent and erotic collage worlds and characters into moving image. Whilst maintaining Bart’s trademark sense of fun, the piece also showcased an incredible amount of skill and technique in his layering of digital moving image, all to a fantastic soundtrack.

Still from Bart Hajduk's 'Transgalactic Intersexual Experience'

Still from Bart Hajduk’s ‘Transgalactic Intersexual Experience’


Wild Weather by Fiona Masterton, £280

MiAL loved Fiona Masterton’s almost ethereal pieces which explore the boundaries of photography and painting, and we weren’t alone with her being selected by Cass Art for their materials bursary. Her work demonstrates how sometimes it can be the smaller pieces that really draw you in and make a connection. Fiona’s work combines photography, painting and interesting elements such as marble dust and rabbit glue to create dreamlike landscapes that invoke an almost uncanny instant intimacy.

MiAL were also able to commission artists Sarah FortaisSylvia MoritzLibby Heaney and Katy Binks to create installations specific to the Embassy Tea Gallery space. It was fantastic to see such diverse responses to the environment, from Sarah’s exploration of Kubrick’s perspectives to Libby’s interactive magnetic installation ‘Is there love in a telematic embrace?’, almost a physical manifestation of her Ackermann Quantise series of prints.


‘Is there love in a telematic embrace?’ by Libby Heaney

As with much of Libby’s work, this piece explored  analogies between quantum physics and post-structuralism. She created a participatory installation which took the form of a  digitized painting or sculpture  where people could continuously build and compose new imagery. At the start of the exhibition Libby arranged the magnetic blocks into individual piles relating to the corresponding background image giving a subtle illustration of the artist’s intent.

MiAL were also able to showcase the amazing talents of our makers and designers with a wide range of fashion, jewellery, homeware and prints on show. Yana Zino’s exquisite pieces which showed off her attention to detail and love of Scandinavian craftsmanship coupled with her use of only super -high quality fabrics and finishes.

YANA ZINO 151113_4 High Res

Long Sleeved Jacket by Yana Zino, £260

It was a truly fantastic event and opportunity for MiAL to show off some of the most exciting talent from UAL and to also demonstrate the incredibly high standard and professionalism of our students and recent graduates. We hope that whether you were exhibiting, visiting or shopping that you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Adriana Krawcewicz, Alex Wood, Alexander Devereux, Anastasija Pudane, Anita Chowdry, Annalaura Masciave, Aphra O’Connor, Arnaud Meneroud, Bart Hajduk, Cally LatheyCharlotte Whitehead, Chloe Hope King, Christopher Simpson, Conall McAteer, Deniz Paran, Dimitri Yin, Dominika Świerad, Elizabeth Mackintosh, Emily Carter, Eugene LeeFiona Masterton, Fly Chen, Fredrik Andersson, Fru Kenworthy-Browne, Helen Wilson, Imogen Parry, Inga Loyeva, Isabella Pagnotta, James Rogers, Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, Jessica Proctor, Jessica Windhorst, Joseph Jackson, Katy Binks, Klaus is Koming, Lara Drnovsek,Laura Aldous, Leonid Dementiev, Libby Heaney, Lisa Hall, Liz Nehdi, Maggie Jingyun Shu, Meiko Kikuta,Mette Sterre, Miranda Sofroniou, Monica Alcazar-Duarte, Moonjung Song, Naomi Takeda, Olga Krasanova,Olly Fathers, Pamm Hong, Patcharakan (Mai) Vongprasert, Robbie Porter, Ronnie Chan, Rowan Ottesen,Saachi Mehta, Sabrina Shah Hakim, Saffie PluckSarah Fortais, Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer, Simon Peters,Sylvia Moritz, Tess Williams, Victoria Batt, Ximena Escobar and Yana Zino.