MiAL Performance Evening

On Thursday 9th April MiAL hosted a performance evening with artists Mette Sterre and Natalie Wearden as part of our Independent exhibition Capsule. It proved to be one of our most popular events with the audience spilling out of the door of the performance space.

Mette is one of MiAL’s most innovative artists with an incredible imagination and diverse practice that frequently uses costume in her exploration of man’s often uneasy relationship with nature. A multidisciplinary artist of many talents, Mette also exhibited her incredible aluminum mounted photography at Capsule.

‘Altruistic Calcite Quartz’, the performance commissioned by MiAL for Capsule saw Mette look at the life of rocks and crystals and the power of exchange and giving. Switching personas, Mette drew the audience into her eccentric yet somehow plausible science, the conclusion of which saw her climbing across the audience in an intimate, disturbing and yet still comical interlude as she proclaimed that we must all now leave the space, we shouldn’t have stayed and it was now far far too dangerous to remain…

Natalie’s work revolves around the question ‘If an art making process is performed does it become theatre? And is the art produced unauthentic, and perhaps not art at all?’

‘Pierrot’ the piece performed by Natalie (in collaboration with sound artist Tabitha Haynes) at Capsule is a dialogue between chance and control, truth and lies, reality and mediation, art and theatre. It seeks to question whether the art lies in the performance or the product, and whether either of these things are theatre or the aftermath of art or theatre. 

Within the work Natalie is vulnerable as a performer. This could be taken as a metaphor for the vulnerability involved in many art-making processes where the outcome is unknown, unlike the bourgeois theatre where performances are rehearsed endlessly to ensure that there are no cracks or vulnerability evident. 

The costume used in this performance is based on the costume of Commedia Dell’Arte character Pietrrot. His notorious black and white costume and performance style is synonymous with theatricality, and is also often referenced in fine art by artists such as Paul Klee. Pierrot is often referred to by theatre theorists as the eternally suffering fool or artists. 

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