Interview with MiAL Artist Olly Fathers

Olly Fathers

Olly Fathers Portrati CROPPED

Wimbledon College of Arts, BA Fine Art Painting 2010

It was a serendipitous encounter that brought Olly to MiAL, he was assisting in the install of a MiAL exhibition when he shared some photos of his stunning work with us on his mobile. After enthusiastically being encouraged to apply, he has since become one of our most sought after artists, with his artwork for the Lethaby Gallery 2014 (featured on the publicity and flyers) selling before the exhibition had even opened! Since then he has gone to nearly sell out of his edition prints and currently has 5 paintings on display in Gordon Ramsey’s London House restaurant. We managed to catch a quick chat with him ahead of showing some exciting new pieces with MiAL at Affordable Art Fair next week… 

Good Morning, Acrylic Paint on Wood40 x 33.5 cm OriginalN/A	£650

Good Morning, Acrylic Paint on Wood 40 x 33.5 cm Original N/A £650

Can you tell us about the visual journey your work takes? 

My  work investigates the ways in which man-made structures contribute to the way we perceive, judge and negotiate our positions in space. I am interested in the subconscious interaction between people and objects.

Your work has an architectural, urban feel to it, do you have a methodical approach?

I think in the managing the perception of their artwork,  the artist assumes the role of town planner!  I am engaging with the relationship between the practical need to traverse urban space and the desire for a fulfilling aesthetic or intellectual experience of the landscape.

What inspired this collection in particular? 

Nike Acrylic Paint on Wood120 x 120 cm , £3,450

Acrylic Paint on Wood 120 x 120 cm , £3,450

The pieces in this collection are partly influenced by the work of artists Danny Rolph and Ian Davenport. Both of whom I assisted in their studios helping out with various parts of their practices. I took away lots of inspiration from this experience, and I  also got a chance to see what life was like as a successful artist!

What draws you back time and again to paint, especially when your compositions are quite sculptural? 

I enjoy working with paint because the viscosity of diluted acrylic is often surprising!  It is often a way around obstacles, but also  often does things and creates compositions that I did not expect. I feel that this gives my paintings more purity.

 You can catch Olly’s work along with other amazing MiAL artists at AAF 2015 in Hampstead next week – Book your tickets now