Fiona Masterton – Recipient of the Cass Art Materials Bursary!  

For our Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, Made in Arts London teamed up with Cass Art to offer artists and designers submitting to the collection a chance apply for the Cass Art Materials Bursary.

​The bursary offer​ed​ one student or graduate​ the chance to receive​ materials support to the value of £500 to spend at Cass Art​; and was ​aimed at ​artist & designers who are developing their creative practice and actively working towards their future within the arts.

The bursary aim​ed​ to support emerging artists and designers by helping them to fund their practice and allow them to secure materials that are vital to their continued production of work.

​We are now pleased to announce that the winner of the Cass Art Materials Bursary is Wimbledon College of Arts graduate, Fiona Masterton. To celebrate this, we thought we’d ask Fiona a few questions in order to get to know her, and her work a bit better!

Fiona Masterton - Dog By The Sea, £80

Fiona Masterton – Dog By The Sea, £80


Firstly congratulations on receiving the Cass Art Materials Bursary! Do you have any specific plans for the £500 you received to spend at Cass Art?

Yes, absolutely. Firstly I need to restock my basic supplies of paints, brushes and inks – they are getting a bit low. I will also however be browsing through other Cass products I could purchase that I have never used before, with a view to potentially including them in my work in the future. I am especially interested in different kinds of drawing materials, painting mediums and craft supplies.

In what way will this bursary benefit your creative practice?

It will give me the opportunity to try out and include new materials in my mixed media practice that I otherwise may not have.

The Cass Art Materials Bursary was launched through MiAL, what made you decide to apply to Made in Arts London?

Having read through MiAL’s aspirations and objectives and looking through the other artists work on the MiAL website, I thought my art would be a good fit. What MiAL offers will be extremely beneficial to me and I welcome the opportunity. Also the guidelines and requirements are very clearly explained to the participating artist, communication is brilliant and it all seems very professionally organised, right down to the smallest detail. I tend to think this level of care and attention is indicative of how well an organisation operates and this definitely encourages me further.


Fiona Masterton -Blue Chapel, £280

Fiona Masterton -Blue Chapel, £280


What do you hope to gain through being a MiAL Artist?

I hope being a MiAL artist will provide me with some excellent opportunities to promote, show and sell my work, as well as receive constructive advice and mentoring. Also I thought it would be a greatway to network with other artists and to make new connections and friends!




What inspires you to make your artwork?

It is the small things that inspire me to make artwork – the everyday, the ordinary, the overlooked, the place where we just happen to be. These ‘events’, ‘objects’, ‘moments’,  somehow climb inside of me and stay. How I explore these things creatively can vary – sometimes I just want to describe that specific sense of moment and place. Other times the insignificant might suggest alternative possibilities that I would then try to capture in my work.

Fiona Masterton - Wild Weather, £280

Fiona Masterton – Wild Weather, £280


Your works are very tactile and intimate, what is it that you hope your audience get from your work?

I hope my work engages the viewer – drawing them in  nearer to have a closer look, and then when they have moved in nearer, for them to perhaps discover other intriguing nuances. I also hope that they might feel a connection to some of my pieces – to feel a sense of recognition without necessarily knowing what they are looking at.


What is the next project that you are working on?

I am currently working on 2 projects. One is a kind of follow on from my work included in the Capsule exhibition. I think of it as my ‘Urban Desire’ series. Using found bits of wood (courtesy of local skips) and old packaging from supermarkets, I have transferred photographs on to them that I have taken of urban moments and scenes. The images are meaningful to me in that they are of very normal city type things but where I perceive a sense of grace arising out of the ordinary. They tend to remind me of Oriental flower arranging or a kind of feng shui in which the subjects have a formal quality and composition. Within these works I have continued my exploration of the ebb and flow between the digital, painting and surface – the discarded materials acting as a fitting base for these quiet images.

The other project is a trio of large digital and painted works. I think of these as my ‘Strange Creatures’ series. These are essentially about cracking open the imagination and letting it do its thing. A number of years ago I came across some natural objects on a beach. My father had just passed away and in my grieving everything I seemed to look at reminded me of death, including these particular objects. I took photographs of them at the time and for years now have always wanted to do something more with them creatively – not in a morose way, but in a playful and positive capacity.


Fiona’s work is available to purchase on the Made in Arts London website, her work was chosen as part of the MiAL Spring/Summer 2015 Collection launched in March 2015 and was included in MiAL’s third independent exhibition Capsule.