New MiAL Artist : Rosie Brewer

Rosie Brewer 

BA 3D Design, Camberwell College of Arts 2012

Mini Serving board, Available in oak, walnut or elm by Rosie Brewer £6.00

Mini Serving board, Available in oak, walnut or elm by Rosie Brewer £8.00

MiAL are really excited to welcome back one of our most popular designers, Camberwell graduate Rosie Brewer, from her exotic travels. Rosie is a designer-maker specialising in woodwork and the creation of one-off and batch production pieces. She is repeatedly inspired by the iconic William Morris quote: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. When Rosie was young her parents owned a sawmill and so she spent a lot of her childhood climbing on log piles, drilling holes and attempting to make bird boxes. Having rediscovered her enjoyment of working in wood during the final year of her studies, she graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2012 and set up a little workshop with some tools she had inherited, bought or been given and that’s where it began..

Set of 4 Yew Tree Coasters by Rosie Brewer £10

Set of 4 Yew Tree Coasters by Rosie Brewer £20

With each piece Rosie enjoys letting the wood she works with dictate how it wants to be formed. Intuition is a strong aspect of her work, and she allows the existing grain, colours and marks to play their part within her creations. The fact that every tree and piece of wood is different, event within one species makes Rosie’s medium and unpredictable and interesting medium to work in, this is something that she truly enjoys. Each of her pieces are bespoke and unique designs, and she is constantly working on new designs.

“Being a natural material, the wood already has its own history before I use it. Having come from a tree which has been growing for many years, it shows signs of its previous life, twisted grain from reaching towards the sun, imperfections from diseases, spalted marks from fungus, knots and splits where branches once sprouted and finally marks from where it fell or was cut down. I use all of these marks to help dictate the sizes and shapes of the work I make.” – Rosie You can shop Rosie’s fantastic boards here or why not browse some of MiAL’s other fantastic homeware?