Tangible Existence – MiAL Exhibition at AAF

Tangible Existence

This year MiAL have selected a group of artists to exhibit at Affordable Art Fair whose work reflects upon everyday aspects of life. Whether it be the environment, experiences, or the physical foundations of our world; each of these artists encourage their audience to further examine the fundamentals of life which may otherwise be forgotten or ignored.

The title for this exhibition ‘Tangible Existence’ comes from the concepts behind MiAL artist Libby Heaney’s work, which is fundamentally inspired by quantum physics.  Her pieces explore the contrasting notions of the physical world and the blurred, unobservable realm of quantum physics; thus exploring the macroscopic elements that hold together and dictate the very existence of our everyday.

Photograph of Libby Heaney's installation

Libby Heaney – ‘Is There Love in A Telematic Embrace?’

At Affordable Art Fair this year, Libby Heaney will be exhibiting her installation piece ‘Is there Love in a Telematic Embrace?’ a stunning installation piece created for MiAL’s independent exhibition ‘Capsule’. The piece explores the analogies between quantum physics and post-structuralism via a participatory installation which takes the form of a tangible, digitized painting or sculpture – a hands-on, 3D Photoshop – where people can continuously build and compose new imagery, utilizing an inherent multiplicity of colour to play with pattern making, by rearranging a multitude of magnetic platonic solids on reflective steel surfaces.

To encourage people to engage with quantum physics through art Libby will also be hosting a workshop at Affordable Art Fair on Saturday the 13th June at 12pm. The workshop is called Information is Physical: Art, Colour and Quantum Theory and in it Libby will present an intriguing and accessible look into information, art and quantum theory – but it’s not as scary as it sounds! Libby will bring quantum concepts to life through interactive activities.

The workshop is free of charge and takes place on a first come fist serve basis. Although the theory of the workshop is aimed at adults, there will be activities taking place which are suitable for children.

If you are attending the fair and would like to find out more about Made in Arts London and the support we offer to our emerging artists, you can attend a talk at Affordable Art Fair on Saturday 13th June at 3pm to hear us introduce our exhibition of work by University of the Arts London students and recent graduates; hear directly from some of the artists involved, and discover why it’s important, exciting, and vital to the art market to support emerging artists.

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