Esther Ellard: MiAL Artist in Residence at Affordable Art Fair

As you may have gathered we are getting rather excited about MiAL at Affordable Fair next week. We are especially looking forward to, after the success of Camilla Brueton’s installation last year, to once again thanks to the kind support of Cass Art having a MiAL artist in residence in the wonderful Esther Ellard.

Esther Ellard Portrait CROPPED

Esther Ellard, Central Saint Martins, BA Graphic Design 2013

Esther  will be creating as installation piece ‘Elevation 011’,  a large-scale work that uses colourful tape to create abstract diagrams of imagined, otherworldly views.  ‘Elevation 001’ is part of the Made in Arts London exhibition ‘Tangible Existence’, which can be found opposite this installation in the front lobby area of the fair. For more information on Esther and her work please visit the Made in Arts London stand, where you can also buy original artworks by Esther and other emerging artists.

Tape 002, Mixed Media on Paper  21 x 29.7cm (framed)  £170

Tape 002, Mixed Media on Paper
21 x 29.7cm (framed)

“At the fair I’m going to be producing multiple large-scale tape pieces that work independently but also interact together as one singular large piece. In the same modular way the tape works on the paper, the overall piece is modular too – it could be taken apart and rearranged to form something new.  I’m looking forward to the challenge of creating some large pieces of work with a set range, or palette, of tapes – I enjoy having a predetermined toolbox of elements that I can use to build the pieces. I’m also excited to have the opportunity to interact with visitors at the fair – this isn’t something you’re usually able to do working alone in a studio!” – Esther Ellard

Tape and diagrammatic style collages are a reoccurring theme in Esther’s work like drawings or maps straight from her brain onto the paper and some of these works will be available to purchase at the fair. Esther creates work inspired by the idea of the everyday, a strong theme throughout Made in Art London’s exhibition this year. Her pieces focus on the seemingly mundane things that we take for granted that, actually, have a lot of personal importance and nostalgia when considered on their own.

Esther uses tape as a medium because of its simplicity, its set width, colour and pattern. She uses this as a building block to craft something new. Another reason for the use of tape is because it is a very modest material, everyone knows what it is and how it works, so in this way it’s practicality is relatable. Esther’s abstract work allows people to see something unique to them within the piece, and doesn’t dictate what they should take from it. Her only hope is that they take some enjoyment from the work and maybe find a personal connection.


This installation has kindly been supported by Cass Art