MiAL Insights Interview: Olly Fathers

This week we get to know long reining MiAL Artist and technician, Olly Fathers.

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Olly, you’re one of the longest prevailing MiAL Artists (which we feel makes you a bit of an authority on all things Made in Arts!) but for those who may not have been introduced to you yet, could you tell us a little about yourself, your background and what you’re up to now?

Haha, Thank you! I graduated from Wimbledon in 2010 after studying BA Fine Art Painting. Since then I have remained in London and have been making artwork in my studio and have had work in a variety shows and a few art fairs. Also working freelance as a gallery technician amongst other jobs…


What drew you to join MiAL?

Olly Fathers, N35, Acrylic on MDF

Olly Fathers, N35, Acrylic on MDF

They’re really motivated to promote their artists and it’s a great opportunity to get your work seen by more people and generate interest.


We do our best! Do you feel that being a MiAL Artist affected your working process or approach? 

Ummm, I guess in some ways it has because its made me realise being more organised is a great benefit when sending images and details to people. Also when you have a exhibition or art fair to work towards it really helps motivate you to produce more work in shorter time.


What has been your best experience as a MiAL Artist?

I’ve had a lot of good experiences with MiAL. The highlight would be selling a painting after having an image of my work on the invite for the group exhibition at the Letheby gallery last November.


Olly Fathers, Nike Shapes

And be honest with us- has there been a worst?!

I haven’t really had a bad experience. Its always a benefit getting your work seen in my opinion and as I’ve generally been the one installing and wrapping works I could only blame my self if there was any damage! (There hasn’t been though!)


Ha ha! Baring that in mind, would you recommend MiAL to an emerging UAL artist?

Definitely, whether you’re still at uni or having left it’s a great opportunity to get your work out there and all the staff who I’ve worked with genuinely try their best to promote the work for the artists benefit.


Finally, what are you currently working on and where do you see yourself and your practice going next?….

I’m working on a variety of works. I’ve been experimenting with a few different pieces in the last few months but plan to go back to some paintings that people may be familiar with, but want to make some more large pieces. I’ve got some more works being rented for offices in the next month and I’m hoping to be participating in The Other Art  again this October so will be making work suitable for that.


Olly Fathers, Miami Vice, Acrylic on Canvas

Olly Fathers, Miami Vice, Acrylic on Canvas

Olly has been the recipient of: Angleika Art Prize, 2013, Royal College of Art Student Select Show 2008, Candid Arts Berlin 2012