A multimedia exhibition organised and co-curated by MIAL artist Imogen Parry. The exhibition is on for one-night-only: 18.30 – 12 midnight at the Arch 402 Gallery, right next to Hoxton Station.


‘Exotica’ is a multimedia exhibition that examines tropical sublimity and its decay as a result of human consumption and development.

Common components associated with paradisiacal and exotic imagery will be explored alongside darker elements that we associate with modern society.

Aiming to combine music and visual art for one night only, visitors will be immersed in a party-like atmosphere. The show will take a playful angle on the symbolism of escapist ideals through a combination of up-and-coming London talent, and established references to popular culture.


'Paradiso' by Imogen Parry

Paradiso – Imogen Parry

Inspired by the artists’ personal experiences as well as the shared yearning of urban citizens for a slice of tropical beauty and the hedonistic possibilities it brings, Exotica aims to create an ambience of idyllic decadence with a dark and unsettling heartbeat.

Featuring works by MIAL artist Imogen Parry, video artists Roger Spy & Sophie Rogers, photographers Paris Ackrill & Isabella Fellas, ‘Most Wanted Creative Talent 2015/16’ Johanna Cree Brown and Wimbledon Painting graduate Jonny Wheatley (and more), the show is a celebration and coming together of London’s current young creative talent.

Still from a short film by Roger Spy

Still from a Short Film – Roger Spy


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RICARDO BURRESS | https://soundcloud.com/ricardohinds

TIM PARKER | https://www.mixcloud.com/youllsoonknow/

ARTHUR DELANEY & ELLIOTT POWER |  http://haelos.com/ http://elliottpower.com/