MiAL Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Made in Arts London recently launched our latest collection, Autumn/Winter 2015.

The collection was selected by our panel of industry experts including Becca Pelly-Fry, Max Fraser and Nick Hornby featuring emerging art and design from 31 University of the Arts London students and recent graduates.

Our curated collections bring together some of the most talented rising stars emerging from UAL, and allow our audience to discover and buy unique and affordable pieces by the freshest artists and designers around.

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With this collection MiAL are thrilled to bring you a dazzling array of limited editions, originals, homeware, fashion, photography and more! Everything from the new collection is available to buy online starting from just £3, you can also find out more about each of the new MiAL Artists on their personal biography pages.

To give you a taste of what’s in store, here’s a preview of a few of our new artists and designers and their fantastic work…

Claudia Cauville

During her studies Claudia traveled and lived abroad, which led her to realise how important the culture surrounding coffee and tea is around the world. Upon realising this Claudia found that it was crucial for her to evoke the notion of ritual through everyday objects such as tea sets.

Her tea set ‘The Modern Family’ is a tangible representation of Claudia’s notion of family: a mixture of friends and family members. This notion comes from her understanding and experience of the loneliness of living abroad, and the fact that it becomes natural to recreate a new kind of family whenever you live.

Claudia’s work starts from just £10, buy her tea set here!

Ben Edmunds

Ben’s paintings are inspired by the game theory writings of Johan Huizinga and Roger Caillois. Within these writings, he found inspiration in the description of gameplay, as something free, absorbing and unpredictable. The theories also explored how the rules of the game supersede those of normal life, and through this idea Ben started to make connections between gameplay and painting.

Ben hopes that his audience will draw parallels between sports and art within his work, which he feels is a rich and relatively unexplored area. Having said this, he also enjoys the open-endedness of his work, allowing his audience to lead his work down new paths.

Ben’s original canvases are available from £1,200, view them here!

Ella Stern

Ella’s work is a fantastic and unique mix of being both humorous and wearable. Each piece will have its own story laced with satire and yet they are all incredibly detailed and wearable.

The inspiration behind Ella’s work stems from humour and observation, and this particular collection was inspired by tourism. Living in London, Ella has always found it fascinating to observe the constant flurry of tourists in and around the capital. In particular she noticed the stereotypically efficiency of tourist clothing: clipped on water bottles, bum bags and rucksacks. It was the fastening element of this clothing that amused Ella and this aspect began to develop and evolve in her work. The idea was to turn something traditionally unfashionable into something fashionable

Ella’s jewellery pieces start from £45, take a look at the collection here!

Zuzanna Odolczyk

Fascinated almost as much in the processes behind an artwork as the resolution itself, Zuzanna’s work aims to break down the barriers between the viewer and the art.

Studying for her MA in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins, Zuzanna is interested in the way movement is researched and captured in the industry. By documenting places and movements she is constantly finding beauty in the ordinary world around her, prompting the viewer to do the same.

Starting at just £40, you can view all of Zuzanna’s print here!

Michael Rudman

‘Cook No Flambooki’ was conceived as a way to encourage teenagers into the kitchen, inspire them to cook and experiment with food rather than reaching for a take-away menu or ready meal. At its heart this book is about healthy eating, but there are no calorie counts or salt guidelines, no fitness programmes or self-restraint sermons. This is intentional. Michael strongly believes that to successfully combat bad eating habits in the young, it is imperative to just get them cooking. We all need to understand what goes into our food before it goes into us.

The eclectic feel to the book’s artwork along with its apparently relaxed layout, delivers an authentic scrapbook experience. Many of the illustrations are deliberately not overproduced in order to maintain the book’s playful rhythm. This is not the kind of book that is read from cover to cover, nor is it an overly earnest foodie tome, but a mixture of food info, recipes and trivia making it a compelling and easy read.

You can buy Michael’s book on the MiAL website for just £15!


View the entire Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection here!