10 Reasons to Submit to MiAL!

Submissions for Made in Art London’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection are now officially open!

In case you didn’t know, MiAL submissions are an opportunity to gain representation from MiAL and become a MiAL Artist. In order to submit you must be either a current student or recent graduate (graduated in the previous two years) from University of the Arts London and there must be an element of your work that you are willing to sell.

Other than that there are very few rules, we welcome submissions from all colleges, all courses and from artists and designers working in any medium.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get involved with a UAL exclusive not-for-profit commercial enterprise that works hard to promote and support emerging artists and designers.

But just in case you aren’t already sold and filling our your submission form, we’ve complied a top 10 list of reasons to submit work to Made in Arts London.


1. Sell your work online!

Made in Arts London have an e-commerce platform where all of our artists and designers work is
available for sale. This is a great way to make your pieces accessible to potential buyers and those interested in your work. We help you to select the right pieces to showcase online, and give you advice on how to price and present your work. We’re also completely non-exclusive, so any work you are selling with us you can also sell elsewhere.

2. Get access to professional development and advice! 

At MiAL we not only want to offer you the chance to sell your work, but we also want to help you develop your knowledge and understanding of how to further your creative career. To achieve this we offer 1-2-1 advice and access to professional development opportunities, workshops and talks throughout the year.

3. Build your creative network!

Made in Arts London is essentially a great community for you to get to know other creative practitioners and meet other people working in the industry. There are regular opportunities for you to come along and meet other MiAL Artists, as well as chances to be introduced to some of the industry professionals we work with. We also encourage and support collaborations and cross college integration, which will allow you to make the most of your time at University and meet or even work with some brilliant people.


4. Receive feedback on your work from industry experts!

Each of our collections are curated by a panel of external industry experts who look through all of our submissions and select the artists and designers they think should become MiAL Artists. However unlike a lot of selection panels, ours feedback to every submission whether you are selected or not. So even if you don’t get chosen to join MiAL, you will still get valuable feedback on your work and why it wasn’t selected this time around. Take a look at our previous selection panel members here!

cass_art_logo_1984_black-015. Cass Art Materials Grant!

For this round of submissions current students can also apply for the Cass Art Materials Grant at the same time as submitting work to MiAL. The grant will offer one lucky recipient £500 in materials support from Cass Art. The winner will not only become a MiAL Artist, they’ll also get to bag £500 worth of their dream materials from Cass Art and get promoted as the winner by both organisations.


6. Get spotted!

Having your work easily accessible online for anyone to view as well as being exhibited and promoted throughout the year really pays off! Our artists are regularly spotted by other creative and commercial organisations who ask them to stock their work with them as well. As we are non-exclusive this is absolutely fine with us, in fact we actively encourage our artists and designers to work with other organisations as well as MiAL.

IMG-20151031-WA0000 copy7. Get commissioned!

We offer a veritable feast of creative opportunities at MiAL and they aren’t all exhibiting and selling your work online! We also facilitate commission opportunities for our artists and designers both with MiAL and external organisations. For example MiAL Artist Catalina Velásquez will be designing our 4th annual catalogue, Fredrik Andersson was recently commissioned to create an animation for the SUARTS Creative Opportunities team and The City Works designed the store front for We Built This City.

8. Build your customer database!

As you have probably worked out by now, customers are very very important! The support that they offer is absolutely essential for any emerging artist or designer. Not only does the financial benefit of sales help you continue your practice, but they will also help promote your work, turn up to exhibitions and generally help spread the word. If your work is sold through Made in Arts London we will provide you with the customers name and email so that you can build your own customer database helping you develop a strong following of dedicated fans!

9. Show your work at exhibitions and art fairs external to UAL!

Throughout the year Made in Arts London hold exhibitions, attend art fairs and open pop up shops across London. Our events are purposefully diverse to ensure that we are offering relevant showcasing opportunities for all of our MiAL artists and designers. Having the opportunity to exhibit your work at such a range of events is fantastic, not only for your CV but also it gets your work in front of an engaged and relevant art and design buying audience. Check out our previous events here!

15884336182_f3a2636db5_o copy

10. Hear it from the artists!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that you really should submit work to MiAL now, why not hear it straight from the horses (or MiAL Artists) mouth:

“I very much appreciate the chance to be exhibited at recognisable London exhibition spaces, such as Embasy Tea Gallery, Christie’s and The London Illustration Fair. It’s not easy to get your work out there so for me the chance to be promoted and sell my work at these venues was very pleasing.”Anastasija Pudañe
“I saw an opportunity to expand my professional contact and exposure for my creative work with Made in Arts London (MiAL). The affiliation with UAL also allowed cross-networking with other universities, providing even more opportunities for collaboration.
Since being with MiAL, I’ve had the opportunity to work with established galleries and creative partners (Lethaby Gallery, Embassy Tea Gallery, Red Bull London etc.) to showcase my work to a wide range of audiences. To have a platform for creative output is a privilege, especially for emerging young artists far from home. The extent of events under MiAL is steadily growing which is encouraging as more people get interested, and a more diverse range of work is exhibited.”Pamm Hong
“An important moment in my career as a MiAL artist was in October 2014, when I was selected among other artist to take part of the Multiplied Art Fair at Christie’s. Not only did I sell my print on that occasion, but also I recently got an internship at White Cube by having that experience written in my CV.
As a young artist in London this has been for me the best way to experience the real non-academic art world while studying, and it gave me the basis to develop and shape my future art practice.”Marta Barina
So what are you waiting for?
  • If you have any questions email rosa@madeinartslondon.com
  • Deadline for submissions is: Sunday 21st February 12pm

We look forward to receiving your submission soon!