Submissions for Made in Art London’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection are currently open!

For each round of submissions a selection panel look through all applicants and select the artists and designers to be featured in the next MiAL Collection.

Our panel feedback to every submission whether you are selected or not. So even if you don’t get chosen to join MiAL, you will still get valuable feedback on your work and why it wasn’t selected this time around. Take a look at our previous selection panel members here!

This year we are pleased to announce that the second member of our selection panel will be… Summer Oxley.

20161543832_a92dde4eba_zSummer is the Activities Officer at the Students’ Union for University of the Arts London. She was elected by UAL students to represent and work with clubs, societies and all creative elements of the Students’ Union — including events and exhibitions.

Originally from Durham, Summer moved to London to study Painting at Wimbledon College of Arts. Her key passion is finding alternative ways of showing work outside the usual white-cube gallery format and putting on more exhibitions for UAL students.

Summer also continues to work on her own practice, which is an exploration of the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad taste’.

Summer’s work is an inquiry into objectification and commodity, she creates paintings and sculptures that reflect and challenge commonly held beliefs about what it is for something to be ‘ugly’ or ‘beautiful’.

Her work also plays with nostalgic reactions that can be evoked by certain colours, images, materials and kitsch aesthetics, which explore and celebrate aspects of our culture that exist purely for our shallow enjoyment.

Within this aspect of her work she aims to challenge the elitism of the current art world, her key aim when creating a piece is that it can be enjoyed by anyone that wishes to engage with it. She aims to create work that engages the viewer in a personal way – a guilty pleasure in an art gallery.

If you are interested in becoming a MiAL Artist and would like to receive feedback from Summer on your work, take a look at the links below for further information on how to submit:


  • If you have any questions email rosa@madeinartslondon.com
  • Deadline for submissions is: Sunday 21st February 12pm