Meet the MiAL Alumni

MiAL are thrilled to announce the launch of our MiAL Alumni programme.

MiAL Alumni encourages sustained ties between Made in Arts London and some of the most successful and hardworking graduates involved with MiAL.

By continuing their involvement with Made in Arts London, MiAL Alumni will be able to continue building their networks, have their own input in supporting emerging artists and MiAL will continue to support their onward career journeys.

The MiAL Alumni are also part of a mentorship programme, working with MiAL Artists who are current students at University of the Arts London. The mentorships aim to help current students develop and learn about their own practices as well as gaining practical advice on how to succeed as an artist or designer once they graduate. Having these mentors with relevant experience is invaluable to current students, many of whom are unsure how to approach the art and design markets upon leaving University.

So without further ado, lets meet the MiAL Alumni and their mentees.


Alex Wood & Alice Aires

MiAL Alumni Alex Wood will be mentoring BA Animation, London College of Communication student Alice Aires.

Alex’s work is currently exploring the significance of travel, with influences from many places including space, the East and British-ness. His work has evolved from a primarily ceramics based practice to one that merges many media into unified sculptures.

Alice is excited to gain some practical advice, from Alex who already has a wealth of experience promoting himself as an artist.

“I’m originally from Portugal and came here to study Animation, so as you might imagine, it’s a bit scary the prospect of finding work next year in an environment I don’t completely understand. Hearing stories of people that are successful gives me inspiration, and makes me feel more confident.” – Alice Aires

Bia SanchezCatalina Velásquez

MiAL Alumni Bia Sanchez will be mentoring MA Communication Design, Central Saint Martins student Catalina Velásquez.

Currently based in London, Bia’s work consists of experimenting with handmade techniques and processes, such as colour pencil, lettering and screen print. She finds inspiration in little details of everyday life that often go unnoticed, turning them into pieces set in a naive-like atmosphere.

Bia is looking forward to getting stuck in with the mentorship and providing advice to an upcoming designer.

“It is a wonderful experience to work with MiAL, they helped me a lot once I finished my studies. Especially being a foreigner, they helped introduce my work to the London industry. Now I have the chance to contribute back and help some students as well.” – Bia Sanchez

Olly Fathers & Alejandro Escobar

MiAL Alumni Olly Fathers will be mentoring MA Fine Art Digital, Camberwell College of Arts student Alejandro Escobar.

Olly’s primary art practice is based around our interaction with urban space around us. He is interested in geometric forms and architecture and how they help us perceive and direct our position in space. His practice recreates these landscapes in a simple three-dimensional form. The paint drips represent flow, movement and interaction with this space.

Olly and Alejandro are looking forward to working with each other, Olly in particular is keen to pass on advice as he has had great experiences with mentors previously.

“I have benefited by the advice and mentorship of more experienced artists who I have emailed personally, who have turned out to be more than helpful and often turned into good friends. This kind of relationship is something that I feel is an important aspect of the art world and something I would happily help continue.” – Olly Fathers

Robbie Porter & Helen Lieu

MiAL Alumni Robbie Porter will be mentoring BA Public Relations, London College of Communication student Helen Lieu.

Robbie’s voice shines through clearly in his work with his comical way of looking at the world. His work stems purely from his imagination, ideas pop into his head and he turns these into uniquely recognisable illustration with quirky and creatively fun attitude.

Both artists are looking forward to sharing their joint love of illustration.

“I believe that this will be a fantastic opportunity to enable me to learn and grow as an artist. I also believe that this mentorship will harness and nurture my appreciation for illustration and broaden my insights into ways I can develop and improve my work” – Helen Lieu

Sarah Fortais & James Rogers

MiAL Alumni Sarah Fortais will be mentoring BA Painting, Camberwell College of Arts student James Rogers.

Sarah describes her work as a process of collecting, observing, dissecting, and building in order to explore how something works or is experienced. Much of Sarah’s work revolves around 3D pieces, even when studying painting Sarah often found herself developing her work into 3D objects, and it’s her endless curiosity that drives her to create these exciting new works.

Both Sarah and James’s work transgress across multiple mediums, and explores a vast range of theories. Sarah is looking forward to applying her past experience in offering advice and guidance to James.

“I am in a unique position of being a UAL postgraduate alumni and still currently a student (PhD research at the Slade) and so I hope that my experience can be helpful as I mentor new MiAL artists.” – Sarah Fortais


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