Over the next few weeks we’re going to be introducing you to some of the exciting emerging artists involved in our upcoming independent exhibition Intersection.

Get involved across our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out more about each MiAL artist throughout the week, including their inspirations, techniques and the work they’ll be showing at MiAL Intersection (April 28th – May 2nd at Hoxton Arches Gallery Space).

Intersection is the latest exhibition from Made in Arts London, a showcase of work from a diverse and exciting range of fresh London based artists and designers. The exhibition also offers art lovers an exclusive opportunity to access art and design by University of the Arts London’s emerging stars.

This week we’ll be introducing you to the incredibly talented Monica Alcazar-Duarte and her stunning photographic work.

©Monica Alcazar-Duarte

Monica is engaged with how we read and integrate images and information, at a time when information and its context changes at such a rapid pace. This has lead to her photography having a multidisciplinary approach.

She is also passionate about producing work about social issues and encourages her audience to try and understand the highly complex web of threads behind some of the issues that we face today. She challenges the viewer to look at what appears as disconnected or even contradictory, with a discerning eye.

The first project Monica exhibited with MiAL ‘Your Photographs Could Be Used By Drug Dealers’ tested the charged image of Mexico offered by the media and popular culture. As a Mexican herself, Monica is well aware of the richness and complexity of Mexican culture and contemporary life, and this project offered a small glimpse of this. The principle behind the project stemmed from Monica’s interest in notions of meaning and interpretation in flux. She wanted to make evident how interconnections are transitory, and how conclusions and preconceptions are not fixed.

Her latest project ‘On the Overwhelming Importance of the Far Future’ uses the renewed interest in space travel to Mars as a point of entry into a discussion about our future on Earth.

Supported by a MEAD Fellowship this project consists of an interactive installation and a photobook. The ‘Astro’ installation and lightbox photographs from this project will be on show and available to buy at Intersection.

Monica hopes that her images help her audience reach a subtle awareness, regarding how they read and interconnect images and information. Her aim is that the audience examine how they reach their conclusions and what that says, not only about the images, but also about themselves.

All of Monica’s work is available to buy via our website and ranges from £150 for a photographic print to £750 for a custom made lightbox photograph. Monica’s work will also be on display at MiAL’s upcoming independent exhibition ‘Intersection’ including her stunning installation ‘Astro’.

28 April – 2 May
Hoxton Arches, Arch 403, Cremer Street, London, E3 8HD


Monica Alcazar-Duarte – Astro Installation