Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be introducing you to some of the exciting emerging artists involved in our upcoming independent exhibition Intersection.

Get involved across our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out more about each MiAL artist throughout the week, including their inspirations, techniques and the work they’ll be showing at MiAL Intersection (April 28th – May 2nd at Hoxton Arches Gallery Space).

Intersection is the latest exhibition from Made in Arts London, a showcase of work from a diverse and exciting range of fresh London based artists and designers. The exhibition also offers art lovers an exclusive opportunity to access art and design by University of the Arts London’s emerging stars.

This week we’ll be introducing you to Central Saint Martins student and artist Camille Leherpeur and his unique and exciting work.

Camille Leherpeur - profilepic_CHARLES_QUINTCamille’s inspiration is drawn from the huge amount of imagery we are subjected to every day, in particular advertising and other aspects of media aimed to influence and impress upon society.

He combines this inspiration with that which he finds in pieces found within famous European museums and art galleries such as the Louvre of Paris, the National Gallery or the British Museum of London, the Gemäldegalerie or the Pergamonmuseum of Berlin.

Within his work Camille hopes that his pieces translate elements of absurdity and ridicule to his audience.

Camille works in a wide range of different mediums including painting, print, sculpture and performance. He uses each with incredible skill to create work that captures the imagination and invites viewers into a bizarre and fascinating world.

His unique vision has lead to Camille’s work receiving recognised acclaim, this year alone his work has been exhibited at the Art Paris Art Fair, Airspace Gallery and he’ll be exhibiting at the Young International Artist fair in Brussels at the end of April. His piece ‘Blue Horse’ was also shortlisted for the Picton Art Prize.

A pivotal aspect of his work is his endeavor to deconstruct myths that can be found in some of his latest paintings (Saint Denis and Mona Lisa, 2015) and his videos (Techniques de l’Amour, 2013  or Commune, 2015). They often mix primitive forms (childlike figures, onomatopoeia’s, gesticulations) with sounds and colours compressed together. This compression allows for some of the data to be lost; hollowing out the images until their most hideous aspects get the upper hand.

The piece being exhibited at Intersection is part of a series of paintings showing a miniature world where human power is on the brink of being swallowed up by colour. Stable Figure in a Storm (2015) and The Sirens (2015) show Odyssean figures face to face with a centrifugal multicoloured universe.

A collection of Camille’s work is available to buy via the Made in Arts London website . Camille’s work will also be on display at MiAL’s upcoming independent exhibition ‘Intersection’.

28 April – 2 May
Hoxton Arches, Arch 403, Cremer Street, London, E3 8HD