Clyde & Co Art Awards


Last week the Made in Arts London team attended the annual Clyde & Co Art Awards at the companies head offices in London.

The Clyde & Co Art Award encourages emerging talent in the visual arts by introducing final year art undergraduates to the corporate sector and showcasing their work. This innovative project aims to ease the transition from art school to the commercial art world – a stepping stone to a professional career.

Made in Arts London have recently partnered with Clyde & Co Art Award to work together in providing professional development opportunities and to jointly champion supporting emerging artists.


Over the past six years many MiAL and University of the Arts London Artists have been included in the Clyde & Co Art Awards, and this year was no exception. 30 of the artists showcased as part of this years collection are from UAL, and seven of those are or have been MiAL Artists.

The selection of work within this years London Clyde & Co collection was fantastic, with a wonderful range of pieces by some truly talented emerging artists.  We were particularly taken with Elizabeth Lander’s ‘State of Nature’ ink illustrations. At over a meter tall, each piece shows a run down almost post-apocalyptic city scene. The detail in the pieces are stunning and each time you look at them it seems another aspect of the scene reveals itself.

Also looking at city scenes, but focusing on the development rather than decline of our urban environment was Anastasija Pudañe’s again over-sized illustrations.


Anastasija Pudane – Camberwell Under Construction II

Anastasija’s screenprints celebrate the city landscape around her, her interests as an artists come from creating a reportage of daily life in the city and the moods of the everyday.

Alongside the illustrative artists there are also some spectacular examples of fine art within Clyde & Co’s new collection.

Mikéla Henry-Lowe and Elizabeth Pike are both new to MiAL with our Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection. Mikéla’s loud and proud paintings focus on the representation of black women in society and on social media, portraying a more positive and celebratory image of black women than is usually shown in westernised representation.

In a similar vain, Elizabeth’s work captures societal pressures and pushes them into the foreground of her work by using bright, sickly colours. Her work aims to highlight how far from reality images in magazines really are.

The final two current MiAL artists featured in this years Clyde & Co collection are David Cardoso and Tahmina Negmat. David Cardoso’s beautifully paired back paintings bring pure joy in the simplicity of their compositions. The idea behind the David’s works is to create a window into a small world, a playful world unbound to any preconceived notion of reality where paint slips in and out abstraction.

Tahmina’s work on the other hand allows glimpses into dark and mysterious worlds that leave the viewer feeling a certain sense of ambiguity and uncertainty. The unpredictable surface textures in her work created by newspaper, cooking oil and watercolour creates fortuitous images of silent domestic battles, uncanny figures floating in the sky and half creatures peering out of the canvas.

Finally we would like to say a huge congratulations to former MiAL Artist Kudzanai Violet Hwami for winning the Clyde & Co Art Award for her incredibly beautiful, striking and arresting paintings.

Violet has gone from strength to strength since graduating from Wimbledon College of Arts earlier this year. She joined Made in Arts London in her final year of study, and exhibited with us as part of our 2016 showcase at Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead. Since then she has gained a huge amount of attention, signing with Tyburn gallery and showcasing her work across the country.

Her instantly recognisable pieces explore her experiences of living in post-colonial Zimbabwe and utilize those memories by recreating a parallel universe that centers on a futuristic narrative of Zimbabwe. She plays with the ideas of an African utopia within her work, where space, place and borders do not exist; while also referencing established cultures and traditions.


The full Clyde & Co Art Award collection can be view on their website here, where you can find out how to submit work to the Clyde & Co Art Awards. You can also read about their Blank Canvas competition, which this year was won by Chelsea College of Arts graduate Ivy T.C Chan.

Also, make sure to keep an eye on the Made in Arts London website for an announcement about our new UAL award that we’ll be launching in partnership with Clyde & Co Art Awards in 2017!