Winner Announced for the Cass Art Materials Grant!

For the Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, Made in Arts London have teamed up with Cass Art to award the annual Cass Art Materials Grant.

The Cass Art Materials Grant came about as part of a partnership between Cass Art and Made in Arts London as a way to alleviate some of the challenges facing emerging artists today, and offered one University of the Arts London student the chance to receive £500 in materials support. With an understanding that affording materials can often hinder producing work for emerging artists, Cass Art decided to offer a bursary which would greatly benefit the recipient by alleviating some of the financial burden that comes with producing work.

We are thrilled to announce Stella Kapezanou as this year’s lucky recipient of the Cass Art Materials Grant!

Stella Kapezanou’s large-scale figuration paintings feature people from all walks of life. They show the fun of every day, the vulgarity of people and the imperfections of the body. Stella aims to critically explore the habits of people living in Western capitalist societies, exploring their belief systems and the emotional disconnect to their surroundings. Intrigued by subjects that are not considered ‘high art’ but are common to the viewer’s eye, Stella hopes to capture the temporariness, decay and mortality of humans. Her compositions straddle a boundary between the real and the unreal, depicting scenes that never quiet occurred against ideal skies and the greenest lawns. The world is captured not as it appears, but as she perceives it. Most of all they are colourful, full of life and completely unapologetic.

Since joining MiAL, Stella has not only received the Cass Art material support, but she has also received the Clyde & Co Emerging Star Award, as well as exhibiting with MiAL in our annual collection showcase. Not to mention gaining a lot of interest in her work from external parties!

Stella was selected for the materials grant by our Activities Sabbatical Office, Leah Kahn, and our Education Sabbatical Officer, Hansika Jethnani at the Arts Students’ Union.

“For us, Stella’s work was the most visually striking. The use of textures and colours really make the artworks stand out, making them great statement pieces that would brighten up any room. We really like the style and we know how time consuming and expensive it is to paint such large canvases so we thought she would be the most deserving of the bursary.”

To see Stella’s work exhibited book your tickets for Affordable Art Fair Hampstead!
Made in Arts London are pleased to be back for the sixth year presenting an exhibition of emerging talent from University of the Arts London students and recent graduates. This year’s artists, including Stella, have embraced the celebration of identity and the perception of persona. The collection explores the way we perceive and express ourselves, whether it’s personal, cultural or community identity.

Tickets for Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead are available to purchase online.

Alternatively, browse through Stella’s collection of work on the Made in Arts London website.

Stella Kapezanou - Pretty in Pink Oil and acrylic on canvas 160 x 180 cm
Stella Kapezanou - Pretty in Pink Oil and acrylic on canvas 160 x 180 cm