Winner Announced for the Cass Art Materials Grant!

For the Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, Made in Arts London have teamed up with Cass Art to award the annual Cass Art Materials Grant.

The Cass Art Materials Grant came about as part of a partnership between Cass Art and Made in Arts London as a way to alleviate some of the challenges facing emerging artists today, and offered one University of the Arts London student the chance to receive £500 in materials support. With an understanding that affording materials can often hinder producing work for emerging artists, Cass Art decided to offer a bursary, which would greatly benefit the recipient by alleviating some of the financial burden that comes with producing work.

We are thrilled to announce Lizzie Reid as this year’s lucky recipient of the Cass Art Materials Grant!

Lizzie Reid’s Poetic Subconscious series focuses on encouraging a freedom in mark-making, undefined by literal symbolism, meaning or representation. Using methods of Automatism, she challenges her meticulous nature to create instinctive, spontaneous compositions, which she refers to as ‘design-drawings’. These Design Drawings are simplistic, graphic compositions, sometimes featuring poetry that Lizzie has written either in response to or as inspiration for her fine art. Her work is deeply personal, traversing the journey she has been making to understand herself and help contextualise her thoughts, their connection to the wider world and addressing her own internal conversations. This includes issues concerning social media, mental health, family dynamics, self-awareness, race, gender, feminism, gentrification, and other political and social on-goings, which have all played an active role in the creation of her work.


How High The Moon, Spray paint, emulsion paint and white ink on cartridge paper, Lizzie Reid

Lizzie was selected for the materials grant by our Activities Sabbatical Officer, Annie-Marie at the Arts Students’ Union.

“Lizzie presents a body of work that is expressive and made with bold painterly marks. 

I selected her work because of the simple but important decisions she makes when including poetry within her paintings. Her visually striking works discuss pertinent issues and deserves to win a bursary that will provide her sufficient materials to carry on making work.”

To see Lizzie’s work exhibited book your tickets for Affordable Art Fair Hampstead!
Made in Arts London are pleased to be back for the seventh year presenting an exhibition of emerging talent from University of the Arts London students and recent graduates. This year’s artists, including Lizzie, have embraced the theme of ‘Imagined Landscapes’ exploring stories behind found objects, twisting established monuments to change perspectives and delving into the subconscious. The collection creates a visual representation of reconstructing a space both in reality and the imagined.

Tickets for Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead are available to purchase online.

Alternatively, browse through Lizzie’s collection of work on the Made in Arts London website.

Lizzie Reid 05 - Subconscious Drawing 01, Mial, High ResStella Kapezanou - Pretty in Pink Oil and acrylic on canvas 160 x 180 cm
Stella Kapezanou - Pretty in Pink Oil and acrylic on canvas 160 x 180 cm