Spotlight: Henry Glover

This week we’ll be exploring the work of artist Henry Glover, who’s glazed stoneware plate ‘Reclining Figure’ is currently on display in our annual exhibition. Featuring work from the new cohort of artists making up the ‘2019 Collection’, the exhibition is running until 29th November at our partner TM Lighting‘s gallery. Email to book an appointment, open weekdays only.

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Henry is currently studying BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting at Wimbledon College of Arts and will graduate in 2020.

Your main study focuses on fine art painting and yet you describe yourself as a painter and sculptor, what themes does this combination allow you to explore in your current collection on Made in Arts London?

The works that I am showing all connect with the common theme of intimacy and touch. Coupled figures such as ‘Embrace’ are about that moment during a close embrace or kiss where two figures become one, they seem to curl and ooze out of one another from whichever way you look.

The works on plates sit between painting and sculpture, acting as a painting in the sense of the image, however as an object they hold a whole different function not only as something decorative but as something to be handled and passed around. The piece ‘Hold Me’ is almost directly a window into the sensation of hands gripping themselves however with the absence of the figure or the other person’s hands.

What or who are your inspirations that you feel have had some influence on your work?

When I would go to Chelsea College of Arts to access their ceramic workshop, I would also visit the Tate Britain during the lunch break and I quickly became very familiar with the collection there. I would visit the Henry Moore room, and sit with the large reclining figures, embracing the calm that filled and surrounded that particular room. I felt very comfortable and at home when I visited. Other artists that I adore such as Chaim Soutine and Edvard Munch have also influenced my work.

Henry Glover - Sun and Moon (Close Up) - High Res

Close up detail of ‘Sun and Moon’.

I would say ultimately the works are about my own personal relationships, and through the clay they do seem to fulfill my own needs as a kind of therapy to capture and nurture certain moments that I cherish.

What do you like about the medium clay and ceramics to make your pieces?

Ceramics is a fantastic medium to work in, as it has such variety and specific qualities that you must juggle with it as you create. I love the quality of wet clay, and knowing every move you make into the clay will further shape it to your imagined subject.

The firing process is also especially rewarding as it always feels like a gamble to how your piece will withstand the temperatures and how the glazes will react. Ceramics are both sculptural and painterly and that is why it ties in so naturally with my practice.

What would you like to achieve through your work?

I hope to make work that deals with intimacy, and touch focusing on the pure emotions and sensations felt at times where we are at our most private. I also hope to also demonstrate the fluidity between painting and sculpture as it is important to me that ceramics are revered with equal significance to painting and not simply complimentary.

Henry Glover - Reclining Figure - High Res

Reclining Figure sculpture.

What do you hope your audience will take away from your work?

I want my audience to be moved by the dramatic subject matter. I hope they connect emotionally with the pieces and place themselves in the works as they do so.

Follow Henry Glover on Instagram: @hgglover, browse more of his work here or catch him at Made in Arts London’s Canopy Market takeover on Friday 29th November –  Sunday 1st December 2019, where he will be selling his ceramic pieces and more just in time for Christmas!