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MiAL Insight Interview: Sarah Fortais


Today we’re in conversation with the unstoppable Sarah Fortais, as she gives us a little Insight into her life and experiences as a MiAL Artist…. Sarah, you’ve been with MiAL since the very beginning… Continue reading

MiAL Insights Interview: Olly Fathers


This week we get to know long reining MiAL Artist and technician, Olly Fathers. Olly, you’re one of the longest prevailing MiAL Artists (which we feel makes you a bit of an authority… Continue reading

MiAL Insights Interview: Isabella Pagnotta


  This week we’re talking to the first of our MiAL recent Graduates! Ladies and gentlemen, meet London College of Communication Alumni 2015, Surface Designer Isabella Pagnotta! Hi Isabella, thanks for taking part… Continue reading

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