Announcing MiAL’s Selection Panel – Dominic Wilcox

Made in Arts London are proud to announce that the second member of our Spring/Summer 2015 selection panel will be Dominic Wilcox.

Dominic Wilcox works between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology to create innovative and thought provoking objects.

Recent projects include the design of a pair of shoes with inbuilt GPS to guide the wearer home, a Binaudios device to listen to the sounds of a city, a race against a 3D Printer at the V&A and a stained glass driverless car of the future. He has also recently published his book ‘Variations on Normal’, named after his Webby Award nominated blog, containing his witty and innovative invention drawings.

Dominic is a Sunderland born, British artist and designer based in Hackney, London. He originally studied Visual Communication at Edinburgh College of Art, before moving to London to study an MA in Product Design at Royal College of Art.

His diverse and innovative work ranges from objects, installations, live performances and drawings. His work aims to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary through innovative ideas often with a twist of sharp wit. He attempts to connect the seemingly unconnected in order to make surprising, and thought provoking objects or drawings.

One common theme of his work is the combination of traditional crafts such as shoe making or stained glass work with technology of the present or future.

Dominic’s work includes a fantastic array of brilliantly creative, inventive and unique pieces; such as luxury skimming stones, a commemorative bowl made from historically accurate plastic soldiers, ‘Sound Bulbs’ music players that can be plugged into light bulb sockets and honesty stamps.

In all of his projects Dominic strives to create things that have not been made before, and to push himself out of his comfort zone. Having left school with no real idea of where his creativity was leading him, Dominic is familiar with the all too common struggle that art school graduates face in discovering their niche. In a recent interview with Design Week magazine Dominic had some advice for emerging designers:

“I think for designers setting out on their own it’s important to make a connection between your inner self and the work you produce. I’m interested in people and their unique personalities and I like to see that expressed in their work. Also I would say that doing something is better than sitting thinking about doing something. Over-thinking before starting a project is a common fault. Show your work to as many people as you can, don’t hide your ideas away, don’t be scared of failure. I think the line between failure and great work is so fine that sometimes you have to risk entering the world of potential disaster to find the good stuff.”

If you want Dominic to view your work and receive tailored feedback from him, Kathleen Soriano, and one other industry expert apply to become a Made in Arts London artist today!

You can submit your work online using our submissions form. The deadline is Sunday 15th of February.

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