#MiALIntersection Meet the Artists – Olga Krasanova

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be introducing you to some of the exciting emerging artists involved in our upcoming independent exhibition Intersection.

Get involved across our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out more about each MiAL artist throughout the week, including their inspirations, techniques and the work they’ll be showing at MiAL Intersection (April 28th – May 2nd at Hoxton Arches Gallery Space).

Intersection is the latest exhibition from Made in Arts London, a showcase of work from a diverse and exciting range of fresh London based artists and designers. The exhibition also offers art lovers an exclusive opportunity to access art and design by University of the Arts London’s emerging stars.

This week it’s all about MiAL Artist Olga Krasanova and we’ll be introducing you to her fantastic and imaginative illustrations.

We caught up with Olga, to find out more about her work.

Olga_Krasanova PortraitYou studied BA Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, your style of working is much more hands-on and illustrative than many would typically imagine coming from a course like this, can you describe where your creative processes have come from?

During the course I studied advertising where you don’t touch a Mac and you spend more time thinking about ideas, art direction, concept and narratives.

I feel that drawing is a more natural way of expressing yourself. As a rule I carry a sketchbook with me at all times where I note, doodle or quickly sketch something. It doesn’t mean I will use the exact image, it will be polished, chopped off, joined to something else or might never be used. But the core of the creative process starts with observation.

You’ve mentioned before that the actual process of printmaking is a huge part of your work and this spurs you on in your practice, what is it about printing that you love so much?

I think it is has a lot to do with the physical making process, and the appeal of the unexpected. Take the first proof for example. To me it’s like going back to my childhood when I open a present, I can only imagine how it will be, but the reality is always a surprise. I can’t even breathe properly because I’m so excited! Olga Krasanova Bad Hair Day, Linocut, Edition of 50, 35x45cm

I think printmaking in some way suits my personality.  Making loads of editions means I can share the work out instead of just making one piece, and perhaps that is a hangover from when I grew up in the Soviet Union and everyone shared everything.

Your compositions are inspired by the everyday and personal stories, how do you record and organise the sources of this inspiration? 

Apart from notes in my sketchbook, social media can be a good tool for recording ideas.

When I start to create something I might sit for days looking at ideas and still might not be ready to make something. Organising my ideas helps me initially, but it doesn’t happen overnight and I have to wait for the idea to fully form, and that takes time.

You run print workshops both with MiAL and independently, how do you enjoy them??

They’re great! Before they start I get slightly worried that people won’t find the workshops fun or interesting. But then someone makes their first print they normally exclaim “Ah!” and then “Wow, can I make another one?” I always think at that moment “Yeah I know how you feel.”

Do you find that working with the people who attend these workshops has an influence on your own work? 

Maybe on a subconscious level, it’s always inspiring to be around people when they’re excited about their work! But I’m always aware that each person’s work is unique to them and this stands for me too.

Where do you see yourself heading next with your work?

I see myself experimenting more, maybe even discovering some new interesting methods in printmaking. I’d like to make a book to promote the printmaking process so that it can be more widely appreciated.

All of Olga’s illustrations are available to buy via our website and range from £90-£130.  Or come along to the Intersection exhibition to see the prints that she’ll have on display:

28 April – 2 May
Hoxton Arches, Arch 403, Cremer Street, London, E3 8HD