Meet & Greet MiAL Artists at Affordable Art Fair!

MiAL AAF ARtists

In a couple of weeks Made in Arts London will be returning to Affordable Art Fair for the fourth year in a row from 16 -19 June.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be returning to the fair again, as it is a fantastic opportunity for our emerging artists to have their work seen by an art loving audience. It’s also a great chance for the AAF audience to meet some of the artists behind the exciting and unique work that will be on display at the MiAL exhibition.

This year there will be plenty of opportunities to meet our artists and chat to them about their work, not only will they be around during the fair at the MiAL stall, but we’ve also got some events lined up for you.

Live Painting Studio

Ever wanted to take a look behind the scenes and see an artist creating work from start to finish? Well now’s your chance! During the fair three Made in Arts London artists will be working on brand new pieces, and you’ll be able to watch them as they develop. The Live Painting Studio is supported by M&W Artists’ CanvasThe artists taking part in the Live Painting Studio are:

Joan Uloth

Wednesday 15th: 5.30- 9pm, Thursday 16th: 1 – 9pm, Friday 17th: 1- 6pm

Joan used to paint landscape paintings that were often only populated by pigeons but as she became interested in studying character animation she decided to do studies of just the pigeons themselves. All of the pigeons in Joan’s work are Trafalgar Square pigeons, she follows them around Trafalgar Square studying their movement and erratic walking patterns in order to capture the essence of their character in her paintings.

At the fair Joan will be working on a series of hummingbird paintings, that will eventually be used to create a stop frame animation.

Kudzanai-Violet Hwami

Saturday 18th: 11-6pm

Violet plays with the idea of an African utopia within her work, where space, place and borders do not exist; while also referencing established cultures and traditions in Africa. The black body plays the central character in her paintings, acting as the vehicle to express themes of sexuality, gender, spirituality, memory and childhood. Displacement and identity is a recurring theme within Violet’s work as she tries to understand herself as an African immigrant living in a western country.

Joshua von Uexkull

Sunday 19th: 11-6pm

Joshua’s interest is in perspective and how by widening the perspective, you can make the viewer more of a participant in the picture, as opposed to a photograph where the viewer feels like a voyeur. By painting according to the movement of the eye that creates the space, a greater narrative and sense of time is introduced into the work.



Every year Affordable Art Fair hold a Summer Art Soirée that gives visitors the chance to enjoy the work on display away from the weekend rush, enjoy a complimentary drink and get into the party atmosphere! This year we’re taking over the Education Space during the Summer Art Soirée to bring you an evening of grown-up scribbling, sketching and embroidery with some of our most exciting new artists.

Frederic Anderson

Thursday 16th – 6-7pm

Frederic works exclusively from direct observation, usually in charcoal, pencil or ink on paper. Drawing affords him the immediacy he needs to quickly grasp fleeting relationships of mood, colour, shape, tone, weight, space, vibration, presence, light and dark. He works in series, building layered composite images of a single subject seen from multiple viewpoints.

In this workshop Frederic Anderson will be introducing his ‘blind drawing’ technique, which involves only looking at the subject, not at the page as you work. Frederic will give a short demonstration; after which you’ll be able to have a go yourself at ‘blind drawing’ miniature animal figurines. 

Daniela Monasterios Tan

Thursday 16th – 8-9pm

It is Daniela’s Bolivian and Singaporean bi-cultural heritage, and the physical and emotional journeys she has experienced, which have led her to express a curiosity and wonder of the world through textiles.The idea of collecting memories and characters is a running thread in Daniela’s work, her inspiration comes from travel or through researching history, stories and places that catch her imagination and resonate.

In this workshop Daniela will introduce you to basic embroidery stitches, which you’ll then be able to embroider onto vintage postcards or your own travel photographs.


Come along!

If you’d like to take part in the workshops, come view the Live Painting Studio and chat to our artists about their work book your tickets now via the Affordable Art Fair website!


Opening times
Wednesday 15 June, 2016
Charity Private View 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Thursday 16 June, 201611.00am – 5.30pm
Thursday Summer Art Soirée 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Friday 17 June, 201611.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 18 June, 201611.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 19 June, 201611.00am – 6.00pm