#MiALIntersection – Exclusive Limited Editions

Next week Made in Arts London’s fourth annual independent exhibition Intersection will open to the public from Thursday 28th April at Hoxton Arches Gallery Space.

The exhibition will explore the importance of supporting emerging artists to continue with their practice, therefore enabling them to contribute to the vitality of one of the greatest cultural capitals of the world.

As part of this exhibition we commissioned five MiAL Artists who are currently studying at UAL to create an exclusive limited edition that reflected their experiences of London and how their practice has been inspired and influenced by the city.

The five limited editions, funded by Arts Council England, reflect the vibrant, multicultural and exhilarating nature of London. These limited editions are exclusive to Made in Arts London, they will be on show and available to buy at Intersection and you can also buy them in advance on our website.

Anastasija Pudāne
Fda Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Anastasija Pudane - Spring London

Spring.London – Screenprint, Edition of 25, 29.7 x 42 cm, £50 unframed, £120 framed

“Inspirations for my work come from personal experiences and observations.  I am very much inspired by the urban surroundings and everyday life of London. Using a vivid colour pallet to create a playful and joyful approach, I capture the moods of everyday life that illustrate London as an always changing, irregular pattern.

For this depiction of the rainy day in the city I was inspired by an experience I had one late afternoon in central London on my way home. Sudden rain caused the usual reaction from the crowd of commuters, making me intuitively stop and look around for a few minutes, breathing in the fresh after-rain air. It made me consider, in this gathered intersection of commuters, that I am just a little part of the huge living organism that is this city.”

Anastasija Pudāne


Fly Chen
BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2016

Fly Chen - FreedomFantasy World – Giclee Print on German Etching Paper, Edition of 20, 29.7 x 42 cm, £50 unframed, £80 framed

“During my time in London I have found that the city gives me lot of inspiration for my work, not least in the sheer amount of galleries and museums that there are to visit. I see a different exhibition nearly every weekend, each one providing endless inspiration, regardless of the subject and message, there is always something that contributes towards my creativity.

London is a wonderful and multicultural place and I am fascinated by how all the different cultures live in the same place mostly harmoniously. This multiculturalism has strongly influenced my work, leading to compositions made from juxtaposing imagery and bright vibrant colour.  This piece represents the outstanding variety and contrasting inspirations that I find in this city, and I hope those who view the piece feel the same positive energy that I do from London.”

Fly Chen


Fredrik Andersson
BA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Fredrik Andersson - Comdom TearsCondom Tears – Three Colour Risograph, Edition of 20, 29.7 x 42 cm, £50 unframed, £100 framed

“Since moving to London my main focus has been my studies, however I would be lying if I told you the only reason I quit my previous career and moved from Sweden to London was to study. When I moved here, I was still licking my wounds from what I still feel (more than four years later) was the worst breakup in my short life.

I came here feeling lonely but very hopeful, I wanted to prove a point, that I could find someone else and that I could be happy here. However after my first two crushes didn’t really work out, I stopped looking for a soulmate and instead got on a chaotic roller coaster where I embraced my inner slut and rediscovered myself. But despite all of the new and exciting encounters that this lifestyle entailed, I had never felt lonelier.

Now looking back on it all, these moments have defined me, and despite all of my clumsy romantic blunders or stressful visits to the STI clinics they make me laugh. These stories feed into my practice as an illustrator and a storyteller and as a result I am very grateful for this strange gift that the city of London has given me, this is my way of sharing these stories with you.”

Fredrik Andersson


Helen Lieu
BA Public Relations, London College of Communication 2017

Helen Lieu - Pigeons of LondonPigeons of London Digital Print, Edition of 20, 29.7 x 42 cm, £50 unframed, £100 framed

“For this piece, I was inspired by my commute around London and the diversity of people within this city. I find it interesting how I encounter so many different people and how disconnected we may seem from one another as we all embark on our different lives. What resonated with me the most was thinking about how strangers perceive one another. Are we interested in each other’s experiences or are we just another face in the crowd?

This diversity is part of the reason why I find London to be such a thriving city with so much energy and life within itself.  For this piece I wanted to convey this idea of diversity and vibrancy but also acknowledge that fact that we are all Londoners enjoying the city in our own way.”

Helen Lieu


Zuzanna Odolczyk
MA Character Animation, Central Saint Martins 2017

Zuzanna Odolczyk - Crowd, Web

Crowd Digital Print, Edition of 20, 29.7 x 42 cm, £50 unframed, £90 framed

“My artwork often reflects the atmosphere and the sense of places that I have lived in. This monochrome illustration of a London crowd has emerged as a result of my experience of living and creating in the city. It represents a tingling sensation of being a part of a crowd that is always moving, brimming with its diversity, past, experiences and hopes.

The highly variable environment of London and the multitude of incentives it creates leads to an uncertainty of one’s own role within this organic mass, resulting in feelings of excitement and uneasiness which accompany every creative act and are necessary for its conception. But it is not without it’s dangers, apart from being highly stimulating, the environment generates noise and distractions which make it hard to focus on what is important.

Here, creating becomes a way of distancing yourself and taming what might otherwise become a destructive force. The piece was made using pencil which is as basic and natural to me as no other utensil and still the result was something I did not expect, strongly intertwined with my London experience and varying in intensity from my previous works. In this respect, as honest as it is, the piece to me almost feels as if it was made by someone else.”

Zuzanna Odolczyk

All of these exclusive limited editions are now available to buy on the Made in Arts London website.


They will also be exhibited at our upcoming exhibition:


Thursday 28th April – Monday 2nd May